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Daniela Laufer und Janet Montgomery (Hgg.)

Resonances with Music in Education, Therapy and Medicine

Bericht über die Tagung des Arbeitskreises der "International Society for Music Education" (ISME): Musik in Sonderpädagogik, Musiktherapy und Medizin. Regina, Canada 2000

164 S., Tabellen, Graphiken, kart.

ISBN 978-3-925366-90-1
EURO 18,80

Kölner Studien zur Musik in Erzíehung und Therapie

hrsg. von Walter Piel

Band 6





  • Foreword
  • Daniela Laufer: Impression and Expression in Music Experience - The Basis of Music in Special Education, Music Therapy and Music Medicine
  • Marieanne Delaney: The Role of Music in Schools for Specific Purposes in New South Wales, Australia
  • Phil Ellis / Lieselotte van Leeuwen: Living Sound: Human Interaction and Children with Autism
  • Helen J. Farrell: Assessment and Reporting in the Arts: Music Education Curriculum Policy and Programs for Students with Disabilities and Impairments
  • Yoshiko Fukuda / Michiko Kuroiwa: Music Therapy Applied to Adult Asthma Patients and its Effect Assessed with a Peak-Flow-Meter
  • Bernadette Kutarna: A 'Phenomenological' Description of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music with an Adolescent from Ethopia
  • Janet Montgomery / Paul Waskiewicz: Meeting the Needs of Special Learners in the U.S.A.: Do the National Music Standards "Measure Up?"
  • Walter Piel: Introduction to Music Listening for Students with Learning and Behavioral Disabilities
  • Manuela-Carmen Prause: Music for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (including Cochlear Implant Users)
  • Doug Ramsay: Music Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation: Its Effects on State-Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Emotional Adjustment
  • Tim Swingler: Extemporisation, Contemplation and Joy: Composing and Performing with Soundbeam: The "Invisible Keyboard in the Air"
  • Liliana Acuna: "Resonance" as a Dimension of Interdisciplineship: On the meaning of "Resonances" in Music Therapy
  • About the Authors
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