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William Fish



Fast alle Lexika schweigen, wenn es um Informationen zu W[illiam] Fish geht. Lediglich ein Londoner Musik-Diktionär des Jahres 1824 kennt seinen Namen und führt ihn als lebenden Komponisten:
"Fish (W.) was born at Norwich in the year 1775, and spent the early part of his life as a practical musician in the theatre, whilst holding which situation he composed several bagatelles for the stage, which were introduced and applauded, but were never published. On leaving the theatre and determining, on his marriage, to reside in Norwich, he found it necessary to turn his attention more particularly to the piano-forte; a study that he was the more stimulated to, by his natural inclination for composition, and which at that time he had an opportunity of cultivating under Hugh Bond, formerly organist of Exeter cathedral.

Since this period, Fish has exercised his profession in various ways. On the death of his former preceptor, the justly celebrated Michael Sharp, it fell to his lot to be appointed to the situation he vacated as principal hautboy at the public concerts at Norwich, then under the direction of the Rev. E. Glover. On his instrument he continued to perform several years, occasionally playing concertos. The last five years he has been leading the principal professional concerts at Norwich, and the annual oratorios at the cathedral, for the benefit of the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, also himself giving series of concerts at intervals. The following is a list of his principal works: […] 'Fantasia, Harp', dedicated to Miss Beevor […]." [aus: Dictionary of Musicians, London 1824, Vol. 1, S. 249 f.]

Titel in der Edition Dohr

Titel in der Edition Dohr

Fantaisie for the Harp

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